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ZMinDia is a player for the Zaurus for data files from the MinDia application. The ZMinDia program can control rollei slide projectors (Rolleivision 35 twin digital P and Rolleivision twin msc 3x0 P) via the RS232 port and play mp3-sound files simultaneously (if an external mp3 player like madplay is installed).

For more details see the MinDia project homepage on Sourceforge.
To get ZMinDia go to the download section.

ZMinDia application
projector control dialog
ZMinDia application
Projector control dialog


Here is the binary distribution (218 kByte) of the latest release (Version 0.97.4 (pre)). For the source code see the MinDia downloadsection on sourceforge. Here is a beta windows binary (3978 kByte).


27. december 2005 version 0.97.4 (pre) released binary (218 kByte)
13. march 2004 version 0.97.3a released
binary (175 kByte)
15. august 2003 first release of the MinDia Zaurus player binary (168 kByte)


ZMinDia is written by Michael Neuroth, (c) 2001-2005.

ZMinDia is
released under the GPL.

Warning: The ZMinDia program comes without any warranty. Use it at your own risk.


Author: Michael Neuroth